Ticon, an electronic duo from Malmö, Sweden, describe their music as “psychedelic progressive trance” or “psy-trance”. They’ve been around since 1998!

Mirage is their 6th studio album, released on Iboga Records.

I’m not sure about all these sub-genres of electronic music, there’s an awful lot of them, but this album seems to have most of the characteristics of psy-trance as listed on the Wikipedia page.

I don’t follow or know “trance” music at all. Many may call this type of music formulaic or cheesy, and no doubt there is a lot of very “psychedelic” psy-trance around. The tracks on this album are pretty similar in structure and sound, but this is still quality stuff. Let’s face it, any “genre” is by definition formulaic to some extent.

At it’s heart Mirage is just high quality crafted minimal dance music. Driving beats and bass, heavy use of filter cutoff and resonance controls, lots of reverb and delays in the lead lines, and some great break-downs and build-ups. There are even a few good tunes in there as well, like on the final track “Useless Loop” – what more do you want! There are 9 tracks and most of them are in the 7-8 minute range, with only the odd vocal/film sample thrown in.

I’ve been listening to this a lot, particularly good for coding like any good electronic music, speeds you up!

Favourite tracks: “Out Foxed”, “Tripticon”, “Entropy”, “Useless Loop”.

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