The Red Hot Chili Peppers need no introduction. The Californian funk rockers have been putting out quality records since 1983. I’ve been a big fan since 1989’s Mother’s Milk.

The Getaway is their 11th studio album and it was produced by Danger Mouse (Gorillaz, Black Keys) marking a change from their long term producer Rick Rubin. I’m not sure what influence this has had as this album is a not a big departure for the Chili Peppers, perhaps a few more synths and a slightly softer production but not a great deal I could put my finger on.

The album opens with two brilliant tracks, the title track “The Getaway” with it’s gentle reverberant guitar and backing vocals, and “leslie” synth, followed by the funky “Dark Necessities” with reverberant hand claps, strong piano and ultra choppy rhythm guitar – beautiful. These tracks are the Chili Peppers at their best – funky, catchy tunes, with great instrumentation and arrangements.

The album rarely reaches these dizzy heights again but there are many decent tracks along the way and hardly any low points. Very few bands manage to make an 11th studio album at all, let alone one this good, long may they continue!

Favourite tracks: “The Getaway”, “Dark Necessities”, “Goodbye Angels”, “Sick Love”, “Feasting on the Flowers”, “Encore”, “The Hunter”, “Dreams of a Samurai”.

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