Spiro are a four piece folk group from Bristol – violin, acoustic guitar, mandolin and accordion – but they don’t sound like your average four piece folk group. Their music is more akin to classical or electronic minimalism – think Steve Reich, Philip Glass, or techno. It’s like systems music but warmer and more friendly – a “contemporary acoustic ensemble”.

Repeater is an anthology of Spiro’s music pressed onto vinyl for the first time (and available digitally), from the Real World site:

With tracks selected from all four of their Real World albums Pole Star (1997), Lightbox (2009) Kaleidophonica (2012) and Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow (2015), Repeater showcases the exquisite sound of these four brilliant musicians whose aim is to combine the multi-layered complexity of classical music with the melodic strength of traditional folk tunes and the simplicity and groove of modern loop-based music.

I really like this, it’s fascinating and original, and they’re obviously brilliant musicians. It moves between quite systems music minimal tracks like “The Vapourer” and “The Darkling Plains” to much more mellow melodic compositions like the beautiful “I Fear You Just as I Fear Ghosts” which is my favourite track. Reminds me of Mike Oldfield occasionally, which is not a bad thing in my book!

I find it’s really good music for coding much like electronic music, but also great for relaxing too. Just annoyed that I missed them last month when they played Sheffield as I’d have liked to have heard them live.

Favourite tracks: “The Vapourer”, “Shaft”, “Yellow Noise”, “Welcome Joy and Sorrow”, “The White Hart”, “I Fear You Just as I Fear Ghosts”


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