Recondite is Lorenz Brunner, a German musician, techno producer, label owner and sound artist. He has released four albums and many EPs/singles under the name Recondite on a number of different labels. Recondite releases encompass quite a range of styles from more ambient tracks to techno.

Corvus is a five track EP on Ghostly International, home of the second Recondite album Hinterland in 2013. There are four Recondite tracks and a Ricardo Donoso remix of the first track, “Capable”.

This EP sees Brunner in a thoughtful minimal techno mood. As Brunner himself puts it “Melancholic doesn’t necessarily mean dark. Music can be happy and moody.”

It’s a stripped back mellow listen, but there’s still a lot of detail, tiny background bells and noises, and field recordings of some kind of corvid!

Favourite tracks: “Capable”, “Kauz”, “Corvus”, “Huibu” ← that’s all of them!

Recondite @ Ghostly International
Recondite @ SoundCloud
Recondite @ Facebook

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