Radian are an Austrian experimental music trio from Vienna who formed in 1996 – Martin Brandlmayr (drums, electronics), John Norman (bass), and Martin Siewert (guitars, electronics). Their music touches on instrumental rock, post-rock, jazz, electronica, and sound art.

On Dark Silent Off is their sixth album.

There is a real diversity of sound sources in Radian’s music, from the Thrill Jockey website:

Radian likes to deal with sound that could be seen as byproducts of a musical process and incorporate them into its pieces — the sound of a cable entering the socket of a guitar, the sound of a switch, hums, sound of the fingers tapping on the string of a bass or the sound of the hand gliding between two chords of a guitar. These sounds are not deleted, or hidden, they are often transformed into central elements of the pieces. The track “Blue Noise Black Lake” was built around a sample Radian recorded of Mats Gustafsson playing the pads of his saxophone. Radian uses the method of “microscopic” recording to zoom into sounds that would more typically be overlooked: the rattling of a marble on Brandlmayr’s crotale placed on a snare like in “Codes and Sounds”, the beauty and richness of cymbals, acoustic guitars played quietly and recorded closely.

Despite all this experimentation and “microscopic” sound curation, Radian remain remarkably listenable, and often even toe-tappable! Overall they employ a relatively consistent palette of feedback-ridden distorted guitars and laid back jazzy drums overlaid with all sorts of sound samples, electronic noises, and rhythms.

I would describe their sound as jazzy post-rock meets electronica and sound art! From introspective sound art collages, to full on grungy guitar rocking out, Radian seem like they have a lot of fun.

Notable tracks: “Pickup Pickout”, “Blue Noise, Black Lake”, “Codes and Sounds”, “Rusty Machines, Dusty Carpets”.

Radian Website
Radian @ Thrill Jockey
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