Plaid are an electronic duo from the UK. Founding members of The Black Dog, Andy Turner and Ed Handley have been making music as Plaid since the early 90’s.

The Digging Remedy is their 9th studio album (they’ve also released two soundtrack albums).

I’ve been a fan of Plaid for over 25 years. Their place in the electronic music hall of fame is already well established – a long time Warp Records band with many excellent releases over the years – Not for threes, Restproof Clockwork, and Double Figure being some of my favourite electronic music albums.

And The Digging Remedy adds another excellent record to that catalogue.

Opening with the dynamically interesting and bold “Do Matter” the album then pivots into the more gentle and introspective “Dilatone”. Then comes “Clock” which is an outstanding track and one of the most inventive electronic compositions I’ve heard for a long time, it’s hard to describe, but the track changes speed and time signature all the time, lurching in and out of different rhythms, it’s excellent. The whole album is interesting and high quality.

Inventive, layered, beautiful and very Plaid, this is Intelligent Toe-tapping Music at it’s best!

Favourite tracks: “Do Matter”, “Clock”, “The Bee”, “Melifer”, “Baby Step Giant Step”, “Yu Mountain”, “Saladore”

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