Music For Cats is an album by David Teie, a cellist who plays with America’s National Symphony Orchestra. The project was started on Kickstarter but now also has a release on Universal:

Music for Cats was born from our efforts to bring real, scientifically credible music to as many members of the animal kingdom as possible. Cats were our first choice because they’re widely kept as pets, allowing us to easily share music with them. For the last 6 years, we’ve operated in this pursuit with limited resources. But with the help of the funding from our Kickstarter campaign, we will be able to make our first full album……

Music for Cats was born out of David Teie’s scientific theory on the fundamental nature of music appreciation by mammals. He contended that every species has an intuitive biological response to sounds present in their early development. Felines establish their sense of music through the sounds heard after they’re born: bird’s chirping, suckling for milk, or their mother’s purr. With this premise, Teie composed Music for Cats, incorporating feline-centric sounds and their natural vocalizations and matching it to a cat’s frequency range. An independent study conducted by researchers at the University of Wisconsin and published in Applied Animal Behavior Science verified that Music for Cats resonates conclusively with its audience, writing that “cats showed a significant preference for and interest in species-appropriate music.”

So apparently, most cats like the CD and from my more limited human perception I’d describe the CD as mellow cello based music with lots of “cat sounds” which give it a real “ambient” feel – so it seems it even appeals to some humans.

Music For Cats

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