Moon Temple is Gabriel Andruzzi who was the bass player/sax guy/engineer of The Rapture, a now defunct New York band.

This 9 track “LP” is Andruzzi’s first release under this alias and is presented as 2 12″s (4 tracks on the first and 5 on the second) which are packaged in silver foil op art by Moscow’s Art Crime.

It’s minimal “intelligent” techno, but quite broad in it’s range of styles. Some great sound design, like on the first short intro track “Approaching The Inner Temple” with it’s alien descending “gongs”. Reminds me of Plastikman or Air Liquide in parts, very acidy and dark, but also has “dubby”, ambient, retro, and analogue moments.

Great stuff.

Notable tracks: “Approaching The Inner Temple”, “Sea of Crisis”, “Bay of Rainbows”, “The Short Dance”,

WT Records

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