It’s always hard to define what makes good music, it’s a subtle and complex thing that is only made harder by bands like Metronomy.

I love this band. This is exactly what I miss in the vast majority pop music these days – personality! Metronomy manage that clever trick of referring back musically to their influences while remaining contemporary and unique.

Summer 08 is Metronomy’s fifth studio album and has been recorded solely by front man Joseph Mount. It’s their best since 2011’s classic The English Riviera. And although I liked the last album Love Letters as well, I like this more.

So how would I describe the album? Quirky, British, and fearless. The album’s concept is based around the memories of the summer of 2008, and a time of mounting “success” for Metronomy, but that’s not really important, it just provides the usual subject matter that pop music requires. What is important is that Joseph Mount obviously had a blast creating this album. It’s bold, and very referential to a wide range of music history.

There’s disco, electro, Beastie Boys, Japan (“Mick Slow” is based around large chunks of Mick Karn’s “Weather The Windmill” (1981) slowed down!) … crazy analogue and dark synths, jerky funky electro-bass lines, fake falsetto female vocals, quirky lyrics – it’s a brilliant melting pot from which emerges Metronomy.

You’ll either get it and love it or you won’t. I’ll be singing it and dancing to it a lot!

“I love acting, I’m not acting Swipe that old thing, for this new thing…”

Favourite tracks: “Back Together”, “Miami Logic”, “Old Skool”, “16 Beat”, “Hang Me Out To Dry (featuring Robyn)”, “Mick Slow”, “My House”, “Night Owl”, “Love’s Not An Obstacle”, “Summer Jam” – that’s the whole album!

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