Garbage have been making music for over 20 years, with a string of hit singles and albums to their name.

Strange Little Birds is their sixth studio album, and second independant release on their own Stunvolume label, since “re-grouping” in 2011.

As you’d expect from Garbage, the album has a darker lyrical side combined with grungy gothy guitar pop that leads to a fairly upbeat experience overall.

Firmly in that vein is the first single from the album “Empty”, a great “gothic” pop song in which Shirley Manson repeatedly sings “I’m so empty” but in quite a happy way!

And apart from the rather odd lacklustre “Teaching Little Fingers To Play” the whole album is very strong. It’s definitely a return to form and to the roots of their sound and songwriting.

Favourite tracks: “Empty”, “Blackout”, “Night Drive Loneliness”, “Even Though Our Love is Doomed”, “So We Can Stay Alive”, “Amends”.

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