FOUND – Terra Nova

FOUND are an experimental pop band and arts collective from Edinburgh.

Terra Nova is possibly their sixth album (they’ve released recordings through a number of labels) and is available as a limited edition 10-track album from Chemikal Underground Records.

From the label site:

Terra Nova was the whaling vessel sent to rescue Captain Scott from his ill-fated first attempt to conquer the south pole. On board, Dr Souter was not only ship’s surgeon, but also a keen amateur photographer. His photographs have recently been rediscovered, over a century after the mission took place.

Terra Nova is an installation by Simon Kirby and Ziggy Campbell, consisting of 10 large-scale digital prints, a generative film, and a quadraphonic sound piece derived from Souter’s photographs and Google Streetview images taken from the same locations in the Antarctic.

Terra Nova is also – you’ll be glad to hear – a new FOUND LP. The album contains 10 tracks based on the installation and documents the end of the last great era of exploration with contributions from Simon Kirby and Neu Reekie’s Kevin Williamson.

This record has multiple personalities, moving remarkedly easily from quality vocal indie rock, to eerie electronic and found sound landscapes, to poetry readings, to full on analogue synth constructions, and everything in between.


Favourite tracks: “Terra Nova”, “Lightless”, “A Flag to the Heart”, “Erebus”, “Osman Returns”.

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