13th November 2016


Traditionally based Norwegian music - drumming, drones, distant horns and vocals. Ambient and sometimes a bit scary!

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3rd November 2016


Not your average four piece folk group! Think classical minimalism or electronica but more melodic warm and beautiful.

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22nd October 2016

Agnes Obel
Citizen Of Glass

Dreamy yet contemporary, beautiful melodies and singing - piano, harpsichord, strings, richly layered vocals, and even a Trautonium.

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26th August 2016

Lisa Hannigan
At Swim

A carefully crafted record full of truly beautiful melodies, harmonies and lyrics, and wonderful instrumentation.

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5th June 2016

Françoiz Breut

A lovely slice of "Nouvelle Chanson" - that classic French sound but with a more modern pop style.

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4th February 2016

Emma Pollock
In Search of Harperfield

An intelligent alternative acoustic folky kind of feel with some nice strings and piano arrangements.

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