American Wrestlers are an indie rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. Initially founded as a solo project by Scottish musician Gary McClure, the band also includes Bridgette Imperial, Ian Reitz and Josh Van Hoorebeke.

Goodbye Terrible Youth is their second album.

In some ways this is pretty classic indie music. Radio friendly 3-4 minute tracks, jangly/grungy guitar based tunes that entertain but don’t challenge the listener too much. But there’s much more here. These songs are catchy and well crafted, and have a unique vocal style to them. The instrumentation is tight and bright. I heard echoes of Television, Joy Division, and Nirvana.

It’s a great album, a real “grower”, and while there is definitely an American edge to the sound, it still definitely has a British core in there somewhere. I’ve been humming these tunes all week and I’m listening to this album a lot.

Favourite tracks: “Vote Thatcher”, “Hello, Dear”, “Amazing Grace”, “Blind Kids”, “Real People”.

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