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Every week we carefully sift through the hundreds of new music releases and select the very best, the five star reviews, to add to our directory.

In this modern world of streaming music services there is instant access to so much new music that it’s just overwhelming. And most music review sites don’t help with the overload as they just review everything, good and bad.

We present a curated list of high quality music across the genres so you no longer need to worry that you’re missing out – we’ll keep you permanently front and centre.

From avant-garde to pop we’ll track down originality and quality.

Of course we’re only human, so even we might miss the odd amazing gem. If you think that has happened and you’d like to point us to your favourite album of the week/month/year, please get in touch.

Currently, we don’t include “classical” releases in the directory, this is purely because we don’t have the resources at the moment.

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